Wardrobe Tips for Your Maternity Photography Session

“Before you were conceived I wanted you

Before you were born I loved you

Before you were here an hour I would die for you

This is the miracle of Mother’s Love.”

– Maureen Hawkins

If you are anything like me, you may struggle to find what to wear regularly, so finding the adequate outfit for your maternity photography session can get tricky! I want you to look and feel best during the best maternity photo session. So I have accumulated all the ideas to choose the perfect outfit.

Maternity Photography

Celebrate Maternity Photography Session with Expert Photographers 

Motherhood is a hard yet wonderful experience that deserves to be documented. Therefore, you can choose our maternity packages that capture the glamorous journey of your pregnancy. A maternity photoshoot provides you with memories to cherish forever. I also understand that preparing for a child has financial burdens. But don’t worry! You will overcome them by contemplating your priorities.

A maternity photo session is a celebration. So, if you want friends and family to contribute to the sessions, you can do so. As a mother myself, I understand from my personal experience how difficult and stressful the whole journey is. But, our goal is to make you feel beautiful, empowered, and strong.

Wear Stylish Clothes during Maternity Photo Session

If you have a maternity session booked in with me and don’t know what to wear, don’t stress! This guide will help you out. However, I also have a large client closet full of robes, accessories, dresses for you to borrow at the session. You can also take inspiration from Instagram and other social media pages.

So, shall we start?

1. Keep Your Body in Mind

“Whether your pregnancy was meticulously planned, medically coaxed, or happened by surprise, one thing is certain – your life will never be the same.” – Catherine Jones.

The photoshoot is all about highlighting your body, so wear something that compliments your body and shows your curves.

2. Choose Simple Clothes

For your maternity photography session choose classic clothing that is timeless and is never out of style. One thing I will recommend is to avoid “loud” clothes and makeup. Bright color, large brand logos on t-shirts, heavy accessories can distract the eye.

3. Prioritize Your Comfort

You look your best when you feel your best. If you wear an outfit where you don’t feel comfortable it will reflect in your photos. So, select an outfit that makes you feel amazing.

As a mum, I know that pregnancy is a time to be treasured. Our maternity photographers will provide their best to accomplish your maternity photography session. I’d be honored to choose the perfect wardrobe and accessories for you.


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