The Sun

Before I became a photographer, the sun in the evenings used to kill me. It was so bright and would cause my eyes to water. I’d want to instantly block it with my hand or my visor while driving. Things have changed -and now, the sun is so beautiful to me, especially when it’s setting. I can’t help but feel it in my face. I don’t mind it at all anymore.

As we were driving tonight, I watched the sun drop further and further into the sky. As I read, every few minutes I glanced over. I secretly really wished I had my camera too, to be able to capture the beautiful orange, pinks and blue colors in the sky. I couldn’t help to think how photography has changed my life. It has helped me appreciate the beauty in nature…in life…in old things…in people.

Feeling very greatfil this evening while my family is on this 6 hour drive to see family. I sincerely hope, you have a GREAT weekend!!! -Isabel


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