The Importance of Timing: When Is the Best Time for Newborn Photos?

Welcoming a newborn into the family is a magical and fleeting moment. Capturing those tiny fingers and adorable yawns in a newborn photoshoot can create cherished memories that last a lifetime. But when is the best time for newborn photos? Let’s break it down.

Newborn Photos

The Perfect Timing for Newborn Bliss

1. The Sweet Spot: 5-14 Days Old: The first two weeks of a newborn’s life is often considered the sweet spot for photos. During this time, babies are more likely to be sleepy and still enjoy that curled-up womb-like position, making it easier to capture those cute and cuddly shots.

2. Day 5: Picture-Perfect Peepers: Around the fifth day, newborns often open their eyes a bit more. This can add a beautiful dimension to your photos, capturing the essence of those bright, curious eyes in the early days.

3. 14 Days and Beyond: Awake and Alert: While the first two weeks are ideal for the sleepy poses if you miss this window, don’t worry! Beyond the two-week mark, babies may become more awake and alert, leading to different, equally adorable photo opportunities.

4. Flexibility is Key: Each baby is unique, and not all follow the usual patterns. Scheduling flexibility is crucial. If your newborn is alert during the typical sleepy window, that’s perfectly fine – those wide-eyed expressions are just as precious. Head to our Facebook page and check out our portfolio of stunning newborn photos.

5. Consider Mom’s Recovery: It’s important to consider the well-being of the new mom. Scheduling the photoshoot within the first two weeks allows for a smoother session as the mother is still recovering, and the baby is more cooperative.

6. Weather Matters: For outdoor shoots, consider mild weather for a comfy experience, ensuring your baby stays cozy and content. You can even get an insight into our work by scrolling through Instagram.

7. Capturing Milestones: Plan for a year-long journey capturing precious milestones. Coordinate with your photographer to schedule sessions strategically, from adorable smiles to those first rollovers and sitting moments. Explore our other blogs to get insight into the nuances of the various photography services we offer.


In the end, the best time for newborn photos is when it feels right for you and your baby. If you are contemplating freezing the significant milestones of your newborn that you and your partner can cherish for a lifetime, newborn photography is the best option. And, when hunting for a reliable and reputable newborn photography studio, look no further than Only Love Remains. Our experienced newborn photographer, Isabel, possesses the gift of capturing newborn portraits that become timeless memories exuding the beauty & innocence of your newborn. Contact us today to schedule a newborn photography session.

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