6 Essential Tips on Preparing Your Newborn for a Photography Session

Capturing those adorable moments of your newborn in their early years is a precious treasure you’ll cherish forever. However, handling a newborn and preparing them for the perfect shot is not easy. To ensure a successful and stress-free photography session, here are some essential tips to help you prepare your newborn.

Tips on Preparing Your Newborn for the Photography Session

1.  Schedule the session at the right time: Timing is crucial when it comes to scheduling a photography session. Ideally, schedule the session within the first two weeks after birth when babies are sleepier and more flexible. This allows the photographer to capture your newborn in the most classic curled-up poses.

2.  Keep Your Baby Comfortable: Ensure your baby is well-fed and comfortably dressed in loose clothing before the session begins. A full tummy and cozy attire will help keep your baby calm & composed throughout the shoot. Visit our Facebook for more updates.

3.  Communicate with Your Photographer: Communicate your preferences and expectations with your newborn photographer in Alvin beforehand. Share any specific poses or themes you have in mind, and discuss any concerns you may have about the session. You can even go through our Instagram and check out our work.

4.  Be Patient and Flexible: During newborn photography sessions, expect pauses for feeding, diaper changes, and soothing your baby. Stay flexible and patient to ensure a pleasant experience for all involved.

5.  Consider Props and Accessories: Collaborate with your photographer to incorporate props or accessories into the session. Carefully chosen items like blankets, baskets, hats, and headbands can add a distinctive touch to your newborn photos. Explore our other blogs to get insight into the nuances of the various photography services we offer.

6.  Embrace Natural Light: Whenever possible, opt for natural light during the photo session. Natural light creates soft, flattering tones that enhance the beauty of your newborn’s features.


By following these 6 essential tips, you can rest assured that your baby cooperates with the photographer, resulting in a smooth and successful newborn photography session and beautiful images that you’ll cherish for years to come. If you are contemplating freezing the significant milestones of your newborn and are on the lookout for a reliable and reputable newborn photography studio, look no further than Only Love Remains. Our experienced newborn photographer, Isabel, is skilled in capturing newborn portraits that become timeless memories exuding the beauty & innocence of your newborn. Contact us today to schedule a newborn photography session.

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