Meet Isabel

At one point in my life, my dream was to be a working mom and work for a major corporation doing “business things”. That dream came from the ambitious girl who was raised by a single mom that worked hard every day for her two daughters. I knew that being an independent woman would be a goal for me. What I didn’t realize was what would happen when you had children. I started my career when my oldest Halle was three months old. I was twenty-two and fresh out of college with a degree in Finance. My mother helped me raise her as I worked, just as my grandmother had done the same for me.

Fast forward four years, marrying the love of my life Trey and then two more children, Chloe and Tyler. My career was still at the center of my life alongside a second job of being a Houston photographer. I worked hard every day and every night, until one day I realized my life was only spinning. I wasn’t happy anymore and I felt like my oldest resented me for working so much. I longed for the days that I able to work but was free to pick up the kids from school and take them to the park before it was dark. But ultimately what I really longed for was those moments I missed when they were babies.

This realization suddenly brought into perspective the fact that NOTHING is more important than making and capturing memories with your children even when you have a job or when you get to stay home with them.

I had put other priorities first that stole my time from my children, and as mothers, we are required to be present. Present because your children want you to simply hold them when they cry. Present because they want your laughter ringing in unison with their own. Present because they want to hug you when you aren’t feeling well too.

Motherhood has taught me to be patient, and to love. Love when you’re angry and love when you’re happy. I missed my kids’ milestones but I don’t want to miss any more, and I don’t want you to miss them for your children. Babies grow fast which I’m sure you’ve heard a million times, but it’s so true. Not only will they like to see their photos when they are all grown up, but even more so, they will love to see the photos of YOU with them. So get in front of that camera and let’s capture precious moments and make some memories.

Your love and photographs are the only things that will remain after all is said and done and that is what my business is built around because really, only love remains…

Isabel of Only Love Remains Photography is a Houston Maternity & Newborn Photographer also specializing boudoir, baby, family and child photography in Houston, Texas and surrounding areas including but not limited to Pearland, Friendswood and The Heights.