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My Ama, mi abuelita | Happy 100th Birthday!

As I stood in the shower this morning I realized what today was, June 28, 2013. My grandmother as I would call “Ama” or “Abuelita”, Maria Paula Ortega, would’ve been 100 years old today. Unfortunately she passed almost 21 years ago in 1992 when I was only 11 years old.

This woman along with my grandfather, helped my mother raise me. My mom was a single mother pretty much ever since I was born so we lived with them my whole life while they were alive.

I remember going with them to the Civic Center where my Grandpa played Dominoes with his friends and my Grandma chatted with hers. I remember dancing with my Grandpa as they had dances there as well. I feel so old thinking about the times when I rode in his car and sat in the middle console between him and my Grandma. My grandma yelling at him in Spanish for going too fast or not seeing the other cars. I remember her making delicious Mexican food… arroz con pollo, fideo, and carne picada con papas. But mostly though, I remember her brushing my hair, giving me hugs, and telling me I was her “Reina”.

Many years have passed since she died but she was such an important part of my childhood. She helped raise me as my mom had to work full time to support me as a single mom, just as my mom did the same for me and my oldest (and even now as she still takes care of our 2 youngest as well while we work). I now have an even bigger appreciation for my grandmother as I know exactly what my mom went through with me. I now know how much my grandmother meant to my mom and what I meant to my grandmother. I see the love in my mothers eyes when she hugs my children as I’m sure not was there as well all those years ago. My mother has and will be such an impact in my children’s lives as my Abuelita was for me.

If only we would be celebrating her 100 years today with her. Even though she isn’t here anymore, I hope that as she looks down upon us today, she knows we are celebrating her and the love she gave and the memories we have of her.

We love you Maria Paula Ortega!! Happy 100th Birthday!

Dawson Family Sneak Peek | Galveston Family Photographer

Unfortunately the Dawson family’s vacation is about to come to an end. I sure do hope though that their week in the Galveston sun has been fun and relaxing, which I know is what we all need from time to time. I’ll be working on their gallery so there is definitely more from the this session coming soon. I just could wait to share a little sneak for them.


Galveston Family Photographer



10 on 10 | June 2013

This month I decided to join a blog circle of wonderful photographers who share their best 10 images on the 10th of the month. Ok, so I realize today is the 11th, I’m just a tad bit late but whats new! With a million and one things to do everyday, all day…Im suprised I even brush my hair! I realized as I was writing this that it probably should be only May photos, so please forgive me. I do have some June photos as I went from the 9th of May (because thats my little sisters birthday) to the 10th of June. This also made me realize that I haven’t uploaded a few cards {gotta get on my to-do list!} Next month Ill have lots to post as our June is ALWAYS crazy!

Thank you Maibritt Olsen for inviting me to join in on the fun. Im hoping next months post will have a lot more creatives but either way Ill have lots to post as our June is ALWAYS crazy!




Letters to our sons | May 2013

One of the main reasons I decided to pursue my passion of photography was to capture the everyday moments of my children. I also hoped that by scrapbooking these images, I’d be able to physically document everything I could so the kids would have something to look back on. Unfortunately, like a lot of others mom’s, I am so far behind on scrapbooking. This is where this letter comes in to play. Even though I may not scrapbook as much as Id like, I still want for them to be able to look back and see photos and learn about how they were, but I also want them to know what I, as their mother, felt as they grow up. So I’ve joined 16 other moms through a forum called Clickin’ Moms, to write letters to our sons in a blog circle. This is the first step in being able to document at least on a monthly basis how my son Tyler is growing up. I hope to add to this and write letters to both of my daughters, Halle and Chloe, as well. Maybe eventually I can print these letters and photos out and add these to their scrapbooks.


Since this is my very first letter to you, Im giving you a little sipnosis of who you are today. You turned 2 exactly 2 months ago. I cant believe you have grown so quickly. You are a huge movie buff. Toy Story, Cars’, The Lorax, Brave, anything really that captures your attention you can watch over and over again. At this point, we have all seen these movies over 20+ times each. You still love Mickey Mouse and he is definitely still one of your favorite cartoons. You love to play with your sister Chloe. Although you do get mad at her if she doesn’t give you what you want, you already possess the “brother syndrome”. If ever she is gotten after, you make a really mean face as if telling us not to be messing with her. You have this bond with her that I know is irreplaceable. I am so glad that you all have each other. I know its because you are so close in age and my hope is that it continues on forever. Both of you love to take baths together and play. You love being outside riding your Cars’ motorized car, getting pushed on your bike (you are barely starting to actually peddle) or getting wet with the water hose. The water hose is probably your favorite! You love to hide in the cabinets for some strange reason and throw your puzzles pieces everywhere. You are talking so much more these days and its getting better to understand you. You can now say everyone’s name and we know who you are talking about. i.e “bob” – bottle, “chup” – Ketchup (which you LOVE. You even put it on a piece of cake) “Choe” – Chloe, “Aeee” – Halle, “side” – outside. Telling us you want something is definitely not a problem for you. Because you have always stayed home with Grandma or me or Daddy when we aren’t working, it has been hard taking you to the kids center at the gym or church. Slowly but surely you will get there but it does break our hearts leaving you. I hope you soon understand that we wouldn’t ever leave you anywhere and we will be right back. Dr Wilber, your pediatrician says we just need to give you positive reinforcement and explain what will be happening before hand in hopes you understand at least some of it. I know you will get the hang of it and be comfortable, it will just take some time.

There is so much I want to tell you. I want to tell you that I love your little face, your little toes, your little hands and your little nose…everything about you. I love the way you stomp when you are mad with your little face so far ahead of your body, I love the way you “vibrate” when you get something you really wanted. I want to keep you as my sweet baby boy forever. I know as the days go by, you will get bigger and bigger and unfortunately closer to being a big boy who doesnt need his momma but right now, Im so happy you do. You need me to hold you, and comfort you and love you. Sweet boy, don’t ever forget that I always will.

Here are a few favorite pictures of you Ive taken within the last couple months.



As I mentioned before, this project is part of a blog circle where other mothers are writing to their sons.

Please click on over to Erin Pasillas Photography | Kingsburg, CA Photographer  to read her letter to her sweet son and follow our circle around!




Lisa Astle - Suc a tender loving letter ♥ He is so cute 🙂

Erin - He sure is a cutie! I am so glad you joined us… can’t wait to read more about you and your son in the months to come:)

Happy Earth Day!! ~ Children’s Photographer

Hope you have had a wonderful Earth Day on Monday! A couple Sunday’s ago, I took my 2 daughters out flying kites before we headed out to a hockey game with some friends. I took them out to a field behind our subdivision, which they had never seen or know it was there. They both enjoyed flying their kites for the first time, although it turned out to be a little harder than they thought!