Beautiful Nikki and her sweet horse | Pearland Children’s Photography

Sometimes there are sessions that make your heart pitter patter and THIS was one of them. Nikki’s mom is my hairdresser and we had spoken about doing a shoot for her daughter. She said she had the perfect dress for her to wear and had the perfect prop to go with it. The shoot in my head sounded amazing. Props are one of my obsessions, and who doesn’t love a beautiful horse and a beautiful girl together!! This is only part 1 of 3 because we had a few changes of outfits. Ill be posting Part 2 soon!

Ashley - These are so beautiful Isabel! I love this precious girl’s curly q’s! Great job!

Karen - Stunning! She is a beautiful girl and her horse is beautiful as well!

Princesses | Children’s Photography | Houston, TX

A few months back I was able to photograph some sweet little girls and their momma. The session was a surprise gift to daddy to have some updated photos of his girls. I love to ask my clients what their childrens’ interests are because I try to make a session tailored to them as well as memorable. Its not just a photo session but photos and memories of how “we” as a family are today or how children are at this moment in time. Momma said her sweet little girls loved to be princesses so I whipped up a few crowns and wands for them to play with. I absolutely love crafting and making something special for each client. But what I really enjoyed was spending the evening watching those sweet girls play with bubbles with their momma. Im pretty sure momma enjoyed it too!


Meagan - These are beautiful. Those two little girls are just precious!

Ashley - How stinkin adorable!!! Great work!!

Karen - Beautiful Isabel! My very fav is the one of all 3 but with the little sis in front. Adorable!!

Sunday morning swinging | Houston Children’s Photographer

A couple months ago I found an add on Craigslist for a gently used wooden swing set. Even though, my hubby didn’t like the thought of having to put this thing back together, he complied. This has been one of the best investments we could’ve made for the kids. They absolutely LOVE it. They can come out in the morning before it gets too hot and then enjoy it in the evenings. I have captured them playing and having fun on them several times already and love to see how much they enjoy it!Chloe is our little monkey. She is really getting the hang of the monkey bars for sure!Tyler didnt really like his sister riding with him so what does he do?? What every other little brother would…. 

Ashley Grier - Adorable Isabel! Love real life moments the best!

Karen Tarpley - How fun! Makes me want to get a swing set for my girls 🙂

Marilyn Duvall - How cute! I love lifestyle shots. Tyler’s hair is so long and adorable. Great job!

My Ama, mi abuelita | Happy 100th Birthday!

As I stood in the shower this morning I realized what today was, June 28, 2013. My grandmother as I would call “Ama” or “Abuelita”, Maria Paula Ortega, would’ve been 100 years old today. Unfortunately she passed almost 21 years ago in 1992 when I was only 11 years old.

This woman along with my grandfather, helped my mother raise me. My mom was a single mother pretty much ever since I was born so we lived with them my whole life while they were alive.

I remember going with them to the Civic Center where my Grandpa played Dominoes with his friends and my Grandma chatted with hers. I remember dancing with my Grandpa as they had dances there as well. I feel so old thinking about the times when I rode in his car and sat in the middle console between him and my Grandma. My grandma yelling at him in Spanish for going too fast or not seeing the other cars. I remember her making delicious Mexican food… arroz con pollo, fideo, and carne picada con papas. But mostly though, I remember her brushing my hair, giving me hugs, and telling me I was her “Reina”.

Many years have passed since she died but she was such an important part of my childhood. She helped raise me as my mom had to work full time to support me as a single mom, just as my mom did the same for me and my oldest (and even now as she still takes care of our 2 youngest as well while we work). I now have an even bigger appreciation for my grandmother as I know exactly what my mom went through with me. I now know how much my grandmother meant to my mom and what I meant to my grandmother. I see the love in my mothers eyes when she hugs my children as I’m sure not was there as well all those years ago. My mother has and will be such an impact in my children’s lives as my Abuelita was for me.

If only we would be celebrating her 100 years today with her. Even though she isn’t here anymore, I hope that as she looks down upon us today, she knows we are celebrating her and the love she gave and the memories we have of her.

We love you Maria Paula Ortega!! Happy 100th Birthday!

Dawson Family Sneak Peek | Galveston Family Photographer

Unfortunately the Dawson family’s vacation is about to come to an end. I sure do hope though that their week in the Galveston sun has been fun and relaxing, which I know is what we all need from time to time. I’ll be working on their gallery so there is definitely more from the this session coming soon. I just could wait to share a little sneak for them.


Galveston Family Photographer