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My name is Isabel and I’m a maternity , newborn and women’s beauty and boudoir photographer based out of Pearland, TX. I am the mother of 3 sweet children who I live for everyday, and a wife to a very handsome and supportive husband that I could not live without. He is my soul mate and I have to thank the internet for finding him. I could not live without my mother and my little sister. We are a small close-knit family and that is something I cherish. I value TRUE friendship and those who keep their word. I’m very easy to talk to and really do enjoy meeting new people.

I love the color yellow and I love roses. I’ve always been a bargain shopper but I LOVE antique and thrift shopping. I enjoy going into antique shops, thrift stores, and resale shops. Not only do I find a bargain usually but also something that’s very different than what you would find. I enjoy any sort of crafting, whether its scrapbooking, card making, sewing, and occasionally jewelry making. I say I am a collector of lots of things because I like to have my things in every color… fabric, cardstock, buttons, paints, ribbon.. and the list can go on and on. My crafting space has grown from a tiny little desk to a small area you’d never image as a crafting space. I don’t enjoy it as much as I’d like but every so often I jump in and get lost creating. Something handmade just feels more personal and special to me.

In high school, I really wanted to take photojournalism, but unfortunately never did. I worked as soon as I turned 16 and was involved in other activities, which limited my free time. I’ve always loved taking pictures and after having my DSLR for about a year and never learning how to manually use it, I took the plunge. I devoured photography. I learned my camera inside and out. For over a year and a half photography consumed me and my internet usage. My husband will tell you that I buried my face in my iPad for hours on end. It became my passion. Till this day, I still love to read about new techniques and new concepts and I feel that it is still very important to my growth as a photographer. I want to keep pushing myself and learn new things. I want to be the best at what I love and enjoy doing.

I believe photographs last a lifetime. The digital world has consumed us but I believe nothing is better than an actual photograph that you can put in a frame and on your wall. That was you and your family, at that moment in time when the kids were small and your life was filled with craziness. That was your child, when all they cared about was playing, laughing and having fun. That was your newborn baby, when you could smell that newness and you were overjoyed with happiness for the new life you created. It was the day you married your soul mate. It’s the memories you’ve created, on paper. It is who you are and who they are, those that mean the most to you.

Your love and photographs are the only things that will remain after all is said and done and that is what my business is built around. only {love} remains photography.

Isabel of Only Love Remains Photography is a Houston Maternity & Newborn Photographer also specializing boudoir, baby, family and child photography in Houston, Texas and surrounding areas including but not limited to Pearland, Friendswood and The Heights.

Nikki Anderson - I currently in the process of booking an newborn session and came across your site. Your picture are adorable. My due date is September 26th. How much is your newborn session with rights to pictures?

Thank you

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